Welcome To Ms. Raper's Science space on the Web. Here you will find links, notes and dates to help you in over the semester. Visit it often.
Here is a link to a skills handbook that will provide useful tools for you during your science course:

Logging on to the eLearning site.

Some of the work for your course will require you to complete work online and to submit your work electronically.

The document above will guide you through the process of how to logon to the eLearning website.

Need Gaph Paper?
You can change the colour and size of the grid and the size of the paper.

You will be required to watch a variety of video clips during the semester. These videos can be viewed at CBC, You-Tube, Google Videos and Veoh. You will need to download the appropriate video player for veoh videos.
Links and titles will be provided on the relevent unit page.

What's going on in science?

Science News:

BIology News:

Discover Magazine:

If you do not have Word 2007 you will need to convert the document files posted here. Here is a link to a program that will convert word docx files: