Find the notes and links for this unit.
Nova Origins: An interactive time line on Life on Earth.
Veoh Videos - Life on Earth series by David Attenborough Rewatch episode 1. This is the foundation for this whole course. You will need to download the veoh beta player.
Darwin's Dangerous Idea: - (Natural Selection)

PBS Evolution:
BBC Tree of Life:
Judgement Day:- Intelligent Design on Trial:

Link to the online study partner: use the unit on evolution

Darwin - the American Museum of Natural HIstory:-

Online Biology Book - Evolutionary Theory:

Evolution Course Expectations Assignment resource pages:

Geologic Time: Link to Enchanted Learnint website - useful for the Evolution of Whales activity.

Fossil Hominids:
Evolution of Man:
Natural History Museum - Human Origins:

Check out this link - a Wiki page created by students to honour the anniversary of Charles Darwin. Some excellent resources here.

Make copies of these notes for your files.

Read this interview. Then draw a line down the centre of a sheet of paper. IN the left column list examples of types of fossil structures scientists have found. IN the right column explain what scientists have learned from this evidence.

Who is Roy chapman Andrews? Why were Andrew's mammal fossil finds important?
What did Novacek learn about Mammals in the dinosaur age?
What evidence did he find to draw these conclusions?
What did Novacek learn about the transitions in mammalian evolution? Choose Deep Time from the menu on the right. (flash required)